• You mean a shot of cider vinegar as in like a shot of alcohol? Not a shot like an injection, right? I suggest you put a tablespoon in whatever you're drinking twice a day. I used to take it with lemon and sugar or stevia like lemonade. The Acid can burn your throat and erode the enamel on your teeth like orange juice does. Best to drink it with a straw and rinse after. It can also burn your skin if you apply it undiluted. It is an acid that works as an alkali after you take it, but if you take too much it will deplete your body of potassium and cause muscle cramps. You're not supposed to take more than two tablespoons a day. In the US a standard shot is 44ml which is 3 tablespoons.
    • dave
      I agree with pearllederman
    • Linda Joy
      So what is the purpose of you posting that comment on my answer? And why didn't you just click like on her answer?
  • i would ask your doctor about it

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