• He's an idiot.
    • Ice man
      If those were my kids ... I'd drown the pair of them in the bathtub...
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And smack their mother.
    • Ice man
      Yes, that too. Lmao !
    • Mircat
      The father is an idiot so what do you expect. Like father like son.
    • Ice man
      Yeah but what does that say about Willow and her mother ?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      A bunch of weidos.
  • On a blistering hot Summer's day, when my genitalia is moist and sticky, wearing a nice Plum Blossom Print Flare, helps maintain a refreshing cool current of circulating air, to keep the aforementioned area drier and more pleasantly fragrant.
    • Ice man
      Is that you, Jaden ?
    • Lilo Avli
      No, it's me, Lilo.
    • Ice man
      So say something genius level intelligent, so I know you aren't some imposter ..
    • Lilo Avli
      Too busy self-pleasuring. Thank God Thursday's over.
    • Ice man
      Well I guess that confirms your identity alright.
    • Lilo Avli
      What convinced you ? The God bit ?
    • Ice man
  • The two are mutually exclusive. A fad is simply a fad and will, thankfully, usually go away about as quickly as it came. Jaden Smith is an idiot and will remain an idiot whether he stays or goes.
    • Ice man
      LOL I couldn't agree more.
  • maybe, you never know
  • I don't think this will happen. Skirts look good on woman but not on men. For many reasons I believe.
    • Ice man
      You are very right, my friend ! Jaden Smith is the product of a lack of socialization. with normal people. Just like the dog that doesn't understand that the birds in the tree, aren't there to talk to him personally...
  • He and his family are pitiful idiots. No one should copy such losers.
  • The closest I'll ever come to wearing a skirt would be wearing a Kilt, but I don't foresee that happening in my near future....but I am thinking about visiting Scotland to take some pictures of the famous Lock Nut Washer.
    • Ice man
      Ah, yes, the mysterious and illusive beast that so many people have reported encountering over the years, but so few were actually able to get clear photos of .... well up until now anyway. Have a look at one of the clearest I've ever been able to find .....
    • Azlotto
  • Ask the scots? No undies!
  • Never heard of him..It won't be a fad since it likely will be forced upon children in schools.
    • Ice man
      Oh my ! I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but I think it's a sad day for the English educational system.
  • not sure
  • Deuteronomy 22:5 “A woman must not put on the clothing of a man, nor should a man wear the clothing of a woman. For anyone doing so is detestable...” In some cultures men where skirts or dresses as part of their native garb, but for those outside of said cultures, then this scripture applies.
  • Jaden Smith and his whole family are obnoxious idiots. Who knows about fads. They're so silly.
  • Jaden Smith is an idiot, just like his parents. I hope that never becomes a fad.
  • Jaden Smith and his entire family are tasteless idiots. Men only wear skirts in Scotland.
  • I guess men wearing skirts is not nearly as much of a fad as sock puppet accounts on AB. LOL
    • Ice man
      (Mar. 2020.)This question is several years old. I rarely come here anymore but, after a brief visit, I have to say ... you are absolutely correct.
  • Jaden Smith is just a puppet. Aleister Crowley quote - The Devil' is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes... This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the ANDROGYNE who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection... He is therefore Life, and Love.
  • Not for me
  • I prefer how Eminem decribed him on his Kamikaze album.
  • world has gone bonkers

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