• An atheist does have beliefs in which those beliefs are non-theistic; without the concept of a god and a religion.
  • Atheism is a learned behavior. They have to be taught reasons to deny the existence of God, despite all the evidence. They are being influenced by the “god of this system of things” 2 Cor 4:4.
    • Mircat
      Religion is the learned bejavior. Evrryone is born without belief and could be called an atheist until trained to believe something. i
  • Hmm! Do they get paid?
  • Why would a peach farmer go to a peach conference? Everyone there has the same point of view and you can find ways of dealing with pests who want to damage what you are interested in.
    • Roaring
      To share notes in growing better peaches. It is character and integrity of my atheist and believing friends and acquaintances that are more important to me. Perhaps the atheists conference may be looking at the consequences of mixing the church and state and its impact on civil liberties.

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