• Sure, but I'd check on it. Especially with a brand name like Stouffer's they've spent a lot of time and money figuring out the best way to cook their product. They wouldn't tell you to do it that way if it was going to mess up their food in your oven. On the other hand I've only ever bought lasagna once. I usually make my own. 70 min. is a long time to cook anything in the oven. If you don't leave that plastic on there it's most likely going to dry out.
    • Linda Joy
      By the way all that propaganda about heating food in the microwave in plastic was done by a college student under unsupervised conditions, and she actually left the flimsy plastic wrap soaking in the grease While it cooked! The only Plastics you have to worry about in your microwave are the number 5 and number 7 plastics.
  • You really think Stouffer's forgot that their plastic melts into the food? So Strouffer has been allowing their plastic covering to melt into their lasagna for the last 40 years and nobody has ever noticed? Well then, you better take it off first. Don't take no chances!
  • not sure

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