• i dont think so, theres lots of good people that believe in god
    • Fat Bastard
      Everyone around me is as I described. Rotten. Theyre mean and spiteful, they lie, they deceive, they cause others harm..and then go "Save me Lord!" and go do more rotten stuff. ...But yea there's gotta be some exceptions. Not near me though. Maybe you are nice, you seem it. My neighbors though. Wow. Hey do ya think I should have payed attention to how the name of this city I moved to is "Hell", before I moved here? would that have a bearing on my experience..? a little? mm
    • Fat Bastard
      Oh, and my brother is a witch. It's not a gender thing with him, he just likes the idea that he can think bad things at others and they'll happen. Well my life has been a tragedy end to end, and sometimes I actually think I've been cursed. (He has books, a WITCHES BIBLE even...) I think he should be taken to a nut house for observation, but we are estranged and I like to think he isn't in my universe any more. Otherwise, if he was still around, I'd have to tie him to a stake and pile wood around it.
  • Yes, quite often. Blatant racism selfishness and intolerance from the ones I work with. They’ll insist they are morally superior to you while fighting to take away other people’s civil rights. And then there’s the ones that aren’t bad at all. The ones that are naturally so sweet and loving. It’s mind boggling to me when good people support such a terrible system of hate (sometimes badly disguised as teachings of love) when it is so obviously not even true to begin with. It’s harmful stuff for sure.

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