• simonjhollands
      Said the "sockpuppet".
    • Linda Joy
  • FINALLY we have a MAN as president instead of the EMASCULATED WHIMP who destroyed America for 8 long years.
  • Dangerous words. They were the same ones used by President Truman just before he dropped the first nukes. N. Korea is always rattling their sabres. Most politicians ignore the rants and then N. Korea calms down. This is the first President to ever react to the retoric.
    • mushroom
    • Linda Joy
      I'm praying for the people of Guam, for the leaders of both the countries for the military stationed in Guam and their friends and families.
  • We need to be praying for our US president and all the other countries leaders instead of only criticizing them.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, like I just said on the previous answer.
    • Rick Myres
      I agree and God bless you.
    • Linda Joy
      Ty, He does!
  • Trump's statement isn't that different from Truman's statement on August 6, 1945. (At 2:05) I doubt that any of his missiles would actually reach Guam, Hawaii or the west coast but I am sure that their launch will trigger retaliation. I don't know if the retaliation will be nuclear or conventional, hopefully conventional. Regardless, either will be devastating to North Korea. I can't help but feel sorry for the thousands of North Koreans that will needlessly loose their lives for their peacock dictator god. Sad. Really really sad.
    • Linda Joy
      True! I'm also praying for those in Guam.

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