• Both one is just as bad as the other
  • They both are bad however alcohol is the worst in my opinion. Drunks get a build up of ammonia in their brain and become unable to make a rational decision. Their livers harden and every organ in their body is slowly being destroyed. It is painful to see or remember someone who is that bad off.
  • drunk the stoner can put me out of my misery
  • I like them both...I was a stoner, now I just drink beer and most of my friends do the same..."Birds of a feather, annoy together"...or something like that.
  • I'm going to say the drunk is probably more annoying. But it depends on how drunk the person is or what kind of drugs the stoner is on. Smoke stoners usually just get paranoid/introvert, get the munchies and go find someplace to have a little nap. The drugstore stoners think they are sharp, crisp, normal and in full control - when in fact they are wobbly, loud, understand nothing and make no sense, and their eyes are rolling in opposite directions. Now for the drunk who's had way too many sippie-poos - They can't stand up but insist they can walk, dance, or drive equally well at this point (and will try anyway). They slur the simplest of words and have to repeat themselves over and over again. They become very argumentative, regardless of how wrong they are, and become very aggressive, sometimes violent. Do not talk to them in a washroom - or you might end up with a wet pant leg after they turn to respond to you asking if they're alright. They have also been known to puke or pass out at the most inconvenient time and place ...

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