• I am here and this last weekend + Monday and Tuesday I went to see my daughter. We had a good time.
    • Linda Joy
      That's awesome! What all did you do?
  • 7-23-2017 Was I supposed to do something?
    • Linda Joy
      We were supposed to make s'mores over your burning stumps but you forgot! lol
  • Sat in front of this computer wondering what to do with this MSJ. Don't know where to go from here. It will be another sub-standard piece of homework i turn in. Basically it is one of those "figure it out" kind of classes. Too bad my Tutor took the summer off. This is a project I want to know how to do well. If I could "figure it out" I wouldn't need the class. Don't care about the grade anymore but I do care about knowing how to do this.
    • Linda Joy
      There are entirely too many meanings for msj for me to decipher this code. I would like to try and help you with it if I could though.
  • I am here. But hey I noticed some questions that are fairly new and already recycled could this be one of em? What did I do with the weekend? (hummmm scratching chin) dealt with some neurological "fun". Lol

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