• and why would you think that? that his piss is extra strong & would crack the enamel? LOL (oh, are we allowed to say 'piss' here?!?! LOL LOL)
    • Iron Mask
      Power spray. He can fly over and pee the flames out of any fire.
  • Yeah, probably. Especially if he's like the rest of us and bangs his pecker on the side of the urinal to get rid of that last few drops. : )
    • Anoname
      That's just you tapping the urinal with your dong. I stand there and tap mine on the floor. (long)
    • Ice man
      That's why your shoes get wet.
  • Superman needs to pee ?! My fantasy is ruined !!
    • Iron Mask
      He performs other bodily functions too.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Now you just wash your mouth out with soapy water, Buster !!
    • Linda Joy
  • i dont think so
    • Iron Mask
      I think maybe.
  • He is more likely to break the commode when he "onara".
    • Iron Mask
      A big number two.

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