• A Kale Tart and taters made in a very different way, all of it was yummy. I was up at 2 this morning so I decided to cook and allow the house to cool off at night.
    • Linda Joy
      That's just about the only time I cook in the summer is when the sun is down.
  • A couple of hot dogs in all their greasy goodness. And a beer. Or two. Or maybe more. I can't recall right now.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol What do you put on your hot dogs?
  • Lobster, looked more like an overgrown shrimp!
    • Linda Joy
      I always thought langostinos and crawfish look more like lobster than a shrimp.
  • i dont always bother with supper, im usually not hungry after eating lunch
  • A Whataburger grilled Chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, grilled JalapeƱoes, cheese with mustard, on Texas toast. Served with French fries and ice tea.
  • 10-1-2017 A box of thin mints.
    • Linda Joy
      You're kidding! That so does not sound like you!

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