• I look at days in multiple ways. Midnight to midnight is a day. 24 hours in a row regardless of starting time is a day. Biblical days are from sundown the "day" before to sunrise the "day" after. (some overlapping occurs with that view)
    • Rose Mystery
      Never noticed that view before. Very helpful
  • I'm so sorry for you Rose! I know all about insomnia we go way back! I used to work a shift at Waffle House where I had to be on the floor at 9 at night we didn't get off until 7 in the morning. I had breakfast before I went on the floor at 9 at night I had supper when I got off at 7 in the morning you get used to a situation like that. The hardest part was getting up at 3 in the afternoon to go get my son when that change happened I had to change shifts. Now sometimes I go days without sleep. Do you have to work as well? Does this happen often?
    • Rose Mystery
      4 months be a year so no stranger to staying awake for other reasons not work related. So if nap during the day then that counts as two days on same calender date? Nothing better to do other than think randomly.
    • Linda Joy
      Some people think outside the box. I live there. My time doesn't count like other people's time does I just do my best to accept it as it is and not measure it by someone else's standards

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