• Only if they get suicidal which is likely.
  • they say they can but I don't know of anyone that has, A lot of the poeple I grew up with turned into junkies those that are still alive today made it back and survived cold turkey I don't know of anyone that died due to cold turkey I know plenty that overdosed and died.
  • This is a tricky question. I think it requires an explanation rather than a simple yes/no answer. So, first the big disclaimer: the treatment for severe opioid withdrawal is not to take more of the opioid! Next, the simple answer is "yes," in theory, but there are a lot of caveats. It really depends on the person's overall health and the severity of their dependence. I'd say that in practice, the answer is generally "no," the vast majority of the time. But withdrawal from severe dependency is no trivial health matter - the body can go into a severe fever, which can lead to brain damage, the heart rate can push beyond healthy limits, which can possibly lead to heart failure, but, probably most concerning of all is that a person going through these symptoms will more likely believe that they are dying and become hopeless of make bad choices, which can quickly compound a dangerous situation into a lethal one.

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