• Ewwww no way!
  • I'm a don't tink so. I clean up pretty good ... but there's probably too much biker that's always going to shine through.
    • Linda Joy
      You're assuming a biker wouldn't make a good escort?
    • Ice man
      Depends on what you're looking for, I guess.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess!
  • No...I can't even give my equipment package away, much less sell it.
    • Linda Joy
      I didn't say prostitute I said escort!
    • Azlotto
      I really didn't know the difference...In that case, I'd be a great dog walker ; )
  • "Escort" can also be a polite way of saying a prostitute you can get from calling an "agency". In the literal sense, however, it would be a person you call over to spend time with you - usually to take to a social event; so you don't have to show up alone. An escort would have to be well manored, complimentary, able to dance, and converse on a variety of subjects. I can and usually do keep conversations from the awkward quiet moments and can be complimentary, but I'm not usually up on current events or know enough topics of interest to always be able to converse on the level needed. And I can't dance. I'd be a so-so escort. Your money would be better spent on a more knowledgeable chaperone.
    • Linda Joy
      Some escorts engage in prostitution some arei just escorts. You can't dance? Or you haven't learned how yet? Chaperone? Me? No, I'm not in need of a chaperone or an escort I have no problems going by myself anywhere, I also have no trouble getting someone to go with me when I want company. I was just trying to learn more about my fellow AB'ers and how they see themselves.
  • i dont think so, im not into that
  • Nah... I feel more like a Mercedes CLA.
  • Well, I'm cheap, boxy, under-powered, and there is a possibility I will spontaneously catch fire due to an incipient fuel leak, so I guess so.
  • Sure. Here, let me escort you to the bedroom. xD
  • Two ex-wives would tell you that I'm terrible company.

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