• bone marrow
    • Linda Joy
      That's one source
    • Anoname
      Your kidding - right. Bone marrow is good for you.
    • Linda Joy
      Not kidding. It's also derived from the connective tissue between the bones and ligaments and tendons and such it's actually a protein when you cook your Thanksgiving turkey and put it in the refrigerator that gelatinous substance that's all around the bottom of it that's the stuff they make Jello out of
  • sure do.........& will NEVER EVER eat it again......or marshmallows for that matter..."PEEPS" contain gelatin.....made from.......the hides and bones of dead animals...LOOK IT UP PEOPLE AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES ABOUT some of the CRAP we are eating in our country............repulsive....... so there!!!!!!! as for the bone marrow? could be in there if it's the bones, but I sure as HELL wouldn't consider it anything to be eating!! YUK>>>>>>>>
    • Linda Joy
      It's made from a protein found in connective tissue I love it I eat it yum!
    • BRG
      you wanna eat hides and such from dead animals? be my guest.. BUT YOU DO REALIZE THERE ARE MANY OTHER MUCH BETTER SOURCES OR PROTEIN, RIGHT??????? right??????????
  • Gellatin
  • Suger and spice and everything nice (if you consider connective tissue between the bones and ligaments and tendons, "nice").
    • Linda Joy
      Jello is ok, but I prefer my connective tissue in a nice bone broth
  • When I was taking a Seventh Day Adventist cooking class they said jello was made of cattle hooves. that is the reason there is a cow on the label of Knox Jelloton. They said regular jello contains cattle hooves as well but they won't admit it. The leaders of the cooking said the hooves is what makes it jell.

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