• I'm not sure. I seem to think the first X-Men movie was great, but I can't find my notes... It's a 3 movie sci-fi series right? The criminal shows aren't my cup of tea so I wouldn't know. And Man Of The Year is said to be a Robin Williams thriller ...that sounds good. I haven't seen it though. Sorry, not much help there. But you'll probably really like it all though I bet. (The first X-Men I think has Patrick Stewart in it (Captain Picard from Star Trek) & good compelling action.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, I've watched the first one. I remember seeing it originally with my son. The second disk is additional features. I'll probably watch disk 3 when I get home. Its a 4 Disk set.
  • Not really.
  • The movies were okay, but I prefer X-rated women. ; )
    • Linda Joy
      I think this might be a little like the time you told me you once lived in a box under a bridge, seeing as how you chose a shy girlfriend.
    • Ice man
      Don't over think this. She might be my EX in a couple of days .... just say'n ..
  • Yes. Good movies.
  • The first couple of movies were fun. Now, not so much.
  • never watched it
  • No interest at all, but I believe that is my husband's thing.
  • If you mean: the original comics team, then: Yes. If you mean: the "second generation" comics team, before they started mucking about with the lineup, then: Yes. If you mean: the TV shows, then I liked some of them and disliked some of them. I mostly dislike the way that they significantly changed classic stories and character abilities, and that goes for the movies, too. I REALLY disliked it when "The Beast" became blue and hairy. (He was one of my favorite characters until that happened.)
    • Linda Joy
      I was talking about the movies, but thank you for the additional info.
  • Yes. I have most of the X men movies on DVD. The only X men movie I don’t have is the latest one which is called The New Mutants which I will buy soon.

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