• Mother nature will have the final say. If not sustainable, the population will go down. If our modern agriculture system is interrupted the population may go down faster. I do miss a slower paced and more spacious areas around where I grew up.
  • Psalm 37:11 states that "But the meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace." According to this scripture, there will be space on earth for everyone who is meek in God's eyes.
  • According to statistics all the people in the world can be placed in an area about the size of Jacksonville, Florida USA.
    • Linda Joy
      No that can't be right I'll look it up later I don't have time right now.
    • Thinker
      I heard this about 20 years ago and then again this year. there are many places where there is little or no one living. Most people live only in concentrated areas Cities or towns
    • Linda Joy
      I guess that all depends on how dense you stack them.
    • B.H. Wilson
      I read recently that you could put the entire world population, (shoulder to shoulder) on the island of Maui.
  • Don't be silly. Overpopulation can never be a problem. In fact right now the 6 billion people on Earth could all fit in the USA with an acre of land each! The problem always has been resource management by the top few rather than population. Decades of incompetent politicians, royal families and CEO's have made the world a hell. They keep putting themselves before the people they are supposed to look after. Thus you could say the disappearance of honesty and integrity over the years is of concern. You can't even trust your own family or friends due to what they will do for a dime.
    • Linda Joy
      I can agree with a lot of this, but not all. .My friends have my back! Well, at least I know which friends have my back.
    • Linda Joy
      And stop calling me silly. I didn't even choose a side I simply asked a question.
    • Linda Joy
      There's almost seven and a half billion people in the world .
  • Under God's kingdom rule there will be plenty of room on the earth: Jesus said, in John 5:28-30, that the
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Yea, well how much space does it take to hold 144,000 people dressed like it's the 50's, making macaroni pictures. The real concern should be how will you fit 13+ billion in hell? Or 30 billion? Or 100 billion? And then you might begin wondering what kind of a religion have you agreed to with no real investigation anyway?? Well, think of it, your god is so faulty he makes 13+ billion souls that aren't good enough, and only a few thousand that are. That's the best he could do. AND THEN - loving and all forgiving as he's said to be - he decides to burn them in agony for eternity, so the suffering NEVER ends. Oh I know, I know, you want to change what the bible says (what your GOD SAID) and isnt that convenient. Look, all I'm saying is why didn't you pick Bhuddism or Hunduism? What did you pick such a mean rotten one for? But no let's ask THE REAL QUESTION: What was the point in you concluding without questioning at all, that - of all the religions that are and have been - YOU just happen to have been born in the ONE AND ONLY place on the globe, in the one right moment in all of time, where people just happen to know irrefutably who and what god really is. YOU picked the religion closest to you geographically, and in time, because it JUST HAPPENED TO BE the only one right one. WHADDA COINCIDENCE!! Maybe Christianity should be renamed "The Convenient (make it up as you go) Coincidence Religion, for modern people"!
  • OF COURSE I'm concerned about it..too many fuckers and not enough fathers, for one straight guys need to learn how to put a condom on, or get a vasectomy, or just keep your damn pants on once in awhile.......AND while I'm ranting, why is it you ladies PUT UP WITH THIS & THEN get abortions, when the solution to unwanted babies is right there, between both your legs!??!?!?!? (as in the Pill, IUDs, and the afore-mentioned male stuff!)
    • Linda Joy
      The LADIES don't.
  • It's not so much the space that's the issue but the resource management.
  • 5-21-2017 This is a made up problem. It does not exist in reality. In reality the entire world population could live inside Texas with the same density as New York City.
  • sometimes especially when someone in my church just had her 9th baby and i never even had one
  • We have ways of thinning the herd. Natural selection takes many (sometimes not enough). If we stop giving Narcan injections to the same people time 5-6-7 times, we will be on our way.

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