• Sounds really interesting however my babee just blessed me with cloths that are perfect for me. Thank you and hugs and kisses to him.
  • Walking in the rain should be quite a jolt. Water and electricity.
    • Linda Joy
      Interesting! It's static electricity based. Not sure how it would be affected by rain.
  • In the future. Nudists will be jailed for not wearing these clothes......
    • Linda Joy
      I doubt that.
  • I remember "power ties."
    • Linda Joy
      never heard of it I'll have to look that up if I can remember it.
    • mushroom
      They went along with pinstripes and padded shoulders.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah! Now I remember! When red was the power tie! LOL
    • mushroom
      Ah, the 80s: big hair and skinny ties.
    • Linda Joy
      Aerobics in leotards, tights, headbands and leg warmers
  • Think I don't know have enough first hand knowledge to have an informed opinion as to the practicality.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, I can only say that it's an interesting concept. I see a lot of the practicality has not yet been solved.
  • never heard of it
    • Linda Joy
      That's why I posted the link to share the information.
  • Cat will wear them. He can use the extra electricity for his hairdryer while we are busy tracking a U.F.O.
  • i like that, ive bought heated jackets before
  • it sounds interesting but you probably cant put them in the washer

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