• Linda Joy
  • Why don't they have "School bus drivers appreciation day"? We school bus drivers are the first and often the last official school personnel the children meet each day. We can make or break the attitude of a child for that day. I greet every child when they get on in the morning often commenting on their new clothes or shoes, how well they look. If they have a poster or project I always ask to see it and tell them how well they did. In the afternoon I tell them good bye and will see them tomorrow or to have a good weekend on Friday evening. I let each child from Pre-K to grade 12 know I care for them and what they are doing. When they miss a day or a time I always tell them I am glad they are back and feeling better. If they have a brother or sister on the bus I tell them to tell their sibling, "Hello and to get well soon". Yes, kids are noisy, and yes, I could strangle a few at one time or another but they all know they are special on my bus. School bus drivers need some good vibes also.
    • Linda Joy
      Sending you some good vibes! Enjoy your summer!
    • Thinker
      Thank you Linda, I am driving Summer school right now.
  • ive had a lot of good teachers when i was in school

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