• No my only addictions have been internet related--Ebay, Neopets and now, AB.
  • As a matter of fact, yes! I eventually went to the doctor for another reason and brought it up - I was embarrassed to be addicted to nose spray of all things. So she gave me this nose spray steroid, I became un-addicted in 1 day!
  • No but I've heard of this. Isn't there something inthere that is the equivilant of human adrenaline.
  • Yes I was addicted to Duration. I had all the classic symptoms of cocaine addiction. I could not describe to you here what all I went through. Nose bleeds, et al. My doctor told me that this product had more addicting power than any illegal drug. Have been off it for many years now and would never use one again.
  • in high school my friend got addicted to nose spray and shot that shit up her nose every five minutes. it was pretty at the time because she just couldn't breath without it.
  • YES! But Flonase... It smells like lilacs and I loved it... so bad for you.
  • NO, I stop using it after 3 days like the label says to do. But for the 3 day will I can use it I don't to it every 12 hours more like every 3 to 4! Love the stuff!
  • I don't know or don't think I was addicted BUT I had to carry a bottle of AFRIN with me 24/7 during all of my pregnancies... For some reason, I always had sinus problems and couldn't breathe. Only with my pregnancies though, as soon as I had my babies, I was able to breathe fine...
  • There is a non profit website offafrin com with a good success rate for quitting with no withdrawal suffering
  • YES!!! weird, i was addicted, this was during my pregnancy, i just could not breathe without the stuff, life saver, didnt know you had to stop using after so many days, i used it throughout my whole pregnancy. But the problem is now i have a constant sniffle, and its 3 years since the birth, argh!!! - anyone else
  • I used it for about two and a half months, just quit about a week ago. I though for sure I would be stopped up for at least a few weeks, but a week later, there's almost no indication that I have ever used it.

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