• Oh I think we should all wear flip flops. And drink cool drinks, and wear sunglasses and loud shirts, and feel the sand squishing beneath our. Wait, why are we at the beach? Oh yea, I was going swimming.
    • beaker95
      I hope you are wearing your speedos this time.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. Gee, you make a mistake one time!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Besides, what I was really doing was fishing. I'd never been fishing, but the book I bought clearly stated that one must hang his worm out, and see what he catches. In hindsight, the author should have been more specific.
    • Roaring
      That got a chuckle. I wore speedo's once and my brother in law hid them for two years before admitting he stashed them. Guess it was too revealing for his sense of decency. Oh well.
  • Life HAS flip flopped. We were a democracy and cared about building a good society (early & mid 20th); but now we are a fascist right wing state, cheered on by the stupidest people that live here. If you ask Mr Pants they should all be castrated and set adrift for the damage they have caused, all in the name of pointless avarice and parroted conformity to encouraged idiocy. (Forgive my America-centric way of speaking, but I've noticed other countries often join in the fad...sadly. (Really, we are not to be imitated. We are a DON'T BEE! (Remember? "Do be a Do BEE! DON'T BE A DON'T BEE!"? Yea. Cant argue with the Romper Room Lady.)
    • Roaring
      Romper room and those bouncing ball seats. If someone is accepted/affirmed in a group for thinking a certain way, reasoning and reasonableness may not even factor in. Just look at Fox "news" . There's a saying what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. You could say we're getting quite a workout in these times.
  • Something tells me this question is not about footwear.
  • Wouldn't it be more productive to try and fix the problem rather than worry about who to blame?

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