• About you? Yes! God does and so do I. Human behavior? Yes, I find it fascinating! Or were you referring to the lyrics to Chicago's Does anybody really know what time it is?
  • Not everybody.. But some do, yes. I wrote this answer about getting enough food elsewhere, when you said you don't eat every night..... ArticFox.... statistically people with little money tend to buy food in boxes and cans, because fresh fruit, vegetables and meat COST MORE. But the cheapest meals I know are (somewhat gross, but will "fill your belly".....spaghetti and meatballs in a can (find a discount store, do NOT go to the supermarket! You should be able to get that can of spaghetti for 70 cents, not 2 bucks). At that same store you will find baked beans for 65 cents a can (they haven't got much for sauce and are nowhere near as delicious as the 2 dollar baked beans, BUT...if you gotta stretch the budget, buy a can of cheap baked beans & a pack of "BAR S" HOT DOGS ($1 a pack!)....But don't buy hot dog buns (mustard, relish & possibly onion, ok). But get a dollar loaf of wheat bread. Make 4 slices of toast, nuke 4 hot dogs, that's supper one night..The next night heat the beans and serve the remaining dogs with bread and butter. Now you've just had three nights of suppers that cost maybe 80 cents each. You can have Ramen Noodles for almost no money! You can get generic spam, boxed macaroni & cheese, and some rice....and eat that for three nights in a row (I never promised this would be yummy...just that it will "fill your belly")... Other cheap meals include PEANUT BUTTER sandwiches, or a tuna sandwich with a can of generic peaches for desert. ..Cheese sandwich if you must (buy the very cheap fake cheese if you must! It's better than nothing (if you can get mayo & some pepper slices to put in them, they'll taste more interesting. Thyme, salt & pepper add flavor too.. Toasting the bread helps. And I'd say Iced Tea always makes a meal better, but I know the mix is costly, the best you can, water will suffice if it must ...just make sure you eat every night! And buy multi-vitamins no matter what you have to do to get that done, do so. Take one each morning! [TIP: Wal-Mart generics are cheapest...but get the womens 'one dailies', they're identical to men's vitamins but have extra calcium added: FOR FREE ;) -And have a slice of toast and a swallow of OJ, - don't eat just nothing. (Cereal is good too). ..For cheap lunches: that's what Ramen Noodles are for! And you can make "spaghetti" with just macaroni noodles & one can of Hunts sauce ($2 total...for three days of meals)). NOW...if you still cant afford to eat DAILY, even though you cut down to the cheapest meals known to western man, then you MUST go get the food stamps!! (oh you gotta be eligible, from the sound of it). DO THAT! .. ALSO: FOOD BANKS!!! (every town has one. Inquire. They will give you a couple or even three bags of groceries. Some will make a you a hot dinner while you're there. And yes, you can go to multiple food banks if you have to. THERE'S NO REASON TO GO WITHOUT EATING Food is easy. (You can have no home and no money and still eat. You can. Do you drink alcohol? GO to the local AA meeting and get free coffee and cookies for snack. You don't have to talk or even want to quit. Just sit and listen politely, and get the free snack. They wont mind. Tell them youre just there "to listen". And after (or before) the meeting, you can meet people who have tips about where these food banks and church suppers are. Seriously, reach out and make a connection or two. People at the bottom tend to help each other. But you do have to ask! Good luck :)
  • I sometimes care too much.
    • Linda Joy
      Not possible! The Scriptures say Even as I have loved you love one another. By this shall men know ye are my disciples if ye have love one to another!
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, I forgot to add here in the Birmingham Area you can check out hand to hand. Any CAP's officer can get one for you or just Google it has a breakdown on where to get food clothes shelter medical and dental care. Mr. Pants gave a very good answer! Beans are good, and rice. Potatoes and milk are nutritionally complete. Cornbread is a staple down here in the South
  • For me i would say care is something that everyone longs for but not everyone has the luxury of this as not everyone out there has accompany of their parents and siblings and all . For those lonely people out there i would say that hope and blessings of others around you are the care that they deserve . As for the people who have the accompany of others remember that love and care are the two sides of a coin and so remember that there is always someone standing beside you regardless of your sorry state . Some may say God is there to care for you ad look after you but yet there is a saying that "God helps those who helps themselves" So i would suggest that care for yourself and the others around you and yes they will care for you too as there is also a saying that"None given None taken ".
    • Linda Joy
      This reminds me of my 'Church family' My mom passed when I was 30, my father left when I was two, my older sisters had moved out by the time I was 12,my son went to live with his dad as a teenager, then later my grandson was practically ripped from my arms after I'd raised him for 81/2 of his first 9 years. And then my body and mind starts failing me.. it can be devastating! It helps to look for something to be thankful for in each day it helps change your perspective. Well mine anyway.
  • Yes, very much some do. I for one do, and sometimes think I'm the only one I can speak for. I can't be the only one, though. 😊
    • Linda Joy
      You are not alone! There are some really great people in this world!

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