• Sounds good! I'm not much of a cook though ( I used to be. I used to take care of people. But it's just me and Captain Meow now, so...I guess I don't feel as obligated to do well for just myself *shrug* I got all my spices and cook book, and binder full of notes I used to make, but...I just heat a frozen pizza or microwave a hamburger or soup. (I do make sure to take care of the cat okay, but he's not me. Make sense? mm Let's see, tonight..ah! Cheese sandwiches and F Troop. Oh what a fun guy I am! lol (it's not my fault, you see, Captain Meow likes old sitcoms, and makes me put them on "or else" *blink* (I don't know "or else" what. But he did take a dump on my desk that one time I tried shutting him in the bedroom while the repairman was here.) So...what Captain Meow wants, Captain Meow gets. ..It's his home anyway, as far as I can tell. The floor is littered with his toys and I'm just here to feed him, scoop poop, and give him warms . ....You know...if the aliens are peering at us through powerful telescopes, they may just think the pets are in charge, because a dominant animal would be the one to have another picking up his biggies, and carrying it around in a little bag for him. *blink* Ah well. I wouldn't have it any other way though. *pats little friend* (the cat, I meant the cat) (of course! *blink* *blink blink blink* *runs away*
    • beaker95
      I have been peering at you thru a powerful telescope, on behalf of the good people of K-Pax, and am wondering why Captain Meow (although Linda brilliantly calling him Chairman Meow made me think you missed a trick) sleeps in the four-poster bed, with the Baywatch duvet and the blow-up doll, and you sleep on the beanbag on the cold, dusty floor?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Well, there was that bet I lost...
    • Linda Joy
      Makes sense to me Mr. Pants! I used to fix 3 a day every day when my boys (son and grandson) and I lived together, as well as feeding the masses at various restaurants where I worked. Now I no longer even have to set a good example! Yikes!
    • Linda Joy
      I can't take credit for Chairman Meow I stole it from Psych! Love that show!
    • Linda Joy
      Have any of you seen psych?
  • Yes. Yes, I have
    • Linda Joy
      Well maybe you really are from' the south: after all! Hahaha what all did you put on it?
    • Anoname
      Sauce and cheese. I'm a simple eater.
    • Linda Joy
      I put pepperoni and cheese
  • not yet

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