• 4-18-2017 Lady's underwear is of interest only when there is a lady in it.
  • Thanks, but I'll stick with my boxers. Looks great on the ladies though : )
  • Oh I wouldn't even think of putting anything else on my collection of love mannequins. And... oops. *waves watch to hypnotize you* "You didn't hear that. You think I was talking politics and it was too boring to remember. And you want to order Mr Pants a pizza. ..and collect money to make a Mr Pants statue in the park (with a water bubbler) (and a nice plaque). Yea. " *steals your wallets, runs away*
  • I think it is trashy cheap crap.
    • Jewels Vern
      Well, you're wrong. It is trashy expensive crap.
  • They have awesome runway shows..

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