• I am soft and squooshy, with a cloth outer covering.
    • Boola Boo
      You sound like a Teddy Bear. : )
    • beaker95
      More like a diaper....
  • Go to any post office and you'll see my visage on a poster on the wall.
    • beaker95
      Like Postman Pat, then.....
  • I look like a cross between The Elephant Man, Herman Munster and Beaker, from The Muppet Show.....
    • Scotslass
      You sound like my ex.
    • beaker95
      Och no, is that you Morag....?
  • That's me on the left.
    • beaker95
      You are HOT......
    • Scotslass
      I do actually look like my avatar.
    • beaker95
      Och no, is that you Moira...?
  • I'm 4'11" weigh about 90 lbs. I have very blonde(almost white) hair that is long it reaches down to and onto the floor very bright very light blue eyes, very fair skin, a perfect body natural F cup almost FF cup boobs. I always dress all in bright pink and wear a bright pink headband, bright pink earrings, bright pink necklaces, bright pink high heels, usually boots that go all the way up to my pussy, I always carry a bright pink purse, and I usually wear bright pink gloves, bright pink stockings under my bright pink boots, either a bright pink dress, corset, or catsuit, and usually a bright pink belt. I always wear very thick glasses which are also bright pink. The only thing I love not ink are my men which I love very very dark black.
    • we are dough 68
      What is your favourite colour?

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