• Most people, you know, think a presidential election is about considering both candidates, as if it isn't about which party you let bone you up the...uh, and then they vote based on totally believing these guy's promises. (You know, "I promise I'll pull it out in time." Yes, I love and respect you, and will certainly call you." ...Oh and people I know mostly think that they shouldn't hand me money upon seeing me. This is very wrong also.
  • That I appear to be a responsible adult.
  • Most people, you know, think that I am the guy who played Tarzan, and while they could be right, of course *blink*, being as I'm 80% body fat and 100% stuffing, Mr Pants no longer does much swinging from ropes at this point.
    • Linda Joy
      You known those vines grow from the ground up, right?
  • Forgiveness. Its not for the offender it's for the offended. Forgiving someone doesn't mean what they did was okay. It means you're going to put it in the past where it can no longer continue to hurt you. Forgiveness gives the offended freedom from oppression. And the power to choose how they wish to feel instead of being full of resentment. That and religion. It was God's plan to let us choose for ourselves. Satan is the one who wishes to take away our choices. Just ask any addict . The idea that putting others down makes you above them. No one stands taller than when they bend to help another up. If you share you will have less. The more you share the more it comes back to you. That if you have no money you have nothing of value to give. The only person whose day is not brightened by a smile is the poor person who is not grateful for it. Ok I think its time to try sleeping again.
    • Linda Joy
      What about you, Beaker? What do you think most people get backwards?
  • Phone numbers..... usually mine. Hell, I don't even remember my own half the time...
  • Pessimism about the current state of the world, thinking this is all there is. The vibrancy of life itself is not defined by or limited to the physical material world. The five senses may suggest what is real and important, when it is life itself that transcends.

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