• No...but I just drew a picture of two fried eggs and a sausage on a table napkin and it looks suspiciously like twig and berries (wedding tackle). (Okay well my eggs were actually poached *shrug*) Yea I don't think I can eat this now.
  • I prefer poached eggs and bacon.....and no, I don't mess about with it, like some five-year-old child......
  • Yes, to bring a smile to my company.
  • Oh, you're the Red Dwarf guy! Hey, is there a season 12 coming? This fall? Captain Meow can't live without seeing any and all Red Dwarf possible, and.. oh, okay it's me * feigns humility* (I'm a cat fan)(You probably could have guessed that, yes. .. "Reow! This is mine! And this is mine!! ..And this!!! ...Now I'm gonna take a nap. Then have something to eat, and get some sleep, before breakfast time!! ..Reeow!"
    • Hogey the Roguey
      Smoke me a kipper. I`ll be back for breakfast.
  • I haven't done that for years now. Lol:)
  • sometimes with some ghost pepper sauce hidden underneath yes

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