• Murgatroyd
      I always used to pronounce it to rhyme with "fever" until I saw the movie "Barb Wire", in which I heard it pronounced to rhyme with "clever". After that I started to pronounce it that way myself. I used to be mocked for it in the late 1990s but nobody says anything about it these days. Lol:)
  • The correct pronunciation is like fever in English English and like clever in American English.
  • I pronounce it to rhyme with "fever".
  • Yes Lever/ Clever
  • I usually pronounce it to rhyme with "fever" but I do sometimes pronounce it to rhyme with "clever" just for fun. Lol:)
  • Oh yea yea, mispronunciation is a pet peeve (of Captain Meow's)(well I'm easy going, but he can be downright ornery). Anyway, for our English-speaking audience, I'd like to clear up once and for all that it's pronounced A_LOOM-IN-UM (and LOO_TEN_UNT) (and HERE'S FIVE DOLLARS MR PANTS) and
  • Is that an American/English difference? (English say LEE-VER, while Americans pronounce it right? (I'm kidding, I'm kidding, please don't burn our white house down again) (Some people are soooo touchy. Yeesh.)
  • Press the red icons for both British and American pronunciations.

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