• Anarchy, with thousands of bad guys milling around the streets at night looking to rape, pillage, and burn. Kind of sounds like a great theme for a TV program !!
    • beaker95
      What are the bad girls doing...?
    • Ice man
      Controlling and instigating the bad guys. Somebody has to coordinate that shit, you know.
    • beaker95
      Girls are so much more cleverer than boys....
    • Rick
  • Like Democratic controlled Chicago on a hot July 4th weekend.
    • beaker95
      Is that a good thing, then...?
  • Fun, if Barbara Bellini had a S&M dungeon instead.
    • beaker95
      Would you be giving it or taking it...?
  • ///Lengthy thoughtful answer alert! BOOP! BOOP!!/// I actually think more than half the folks in American prisons should be let out. It's overboard harsh here, and as opposed to most European countries, jail is meant as punitive (rather than rehabilitative) so...we make it as horrible as possible, and it "hardens" them as criminals for life) --- whereas in Finland for instance a murderer might serve only 9 years in jail, and he'll have a couple luxuries in there and very much the opportunity to learn to be a better part of a society. ...........But I'd let people out of the prisons anyway, because I think anarchy is an advanced peaceful idea. The founder of AA (an actual 2 million member ANARCHIST SOCIETY) (well, anarcho-democratic ...people vote for things) explained that the word "anarchy" is misunderstood as meaning "chaos and disorder", while really it just means that people will follow rules for themselves, without being forced, if you allow them to. And I think that's great. But don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely pacifist. If I were dictator (oh yes, parties suck), I'd try and resist the Hitlerian urge to sterilize people who shouldn't pass on their genes (eugenics), but we'd get on with letting people pick their babies' genes (which will happen soon enough anyway). I'd just like to see the average IQ doubled, and for EVERYONE to be able to hear music the way a musician does (it involves heightened perception in several ways, not just hearing). Because I like to think we might actually live and let live, if we were smarter. SO there'd be no more INSANE scenarios like World War I (where the countries of Europe just decided to dig holes and sit in them for 4 years, while killing 17 million people TO NO END. ..Well, it didn't solve anything (it produced Hitler, and then a Cold War, and other genocidal events, and basically we've all agreed to split into teams and be prepared to shoot at each other, and make sure we nurse hatred till that day inevitable and recurringly arrives. (Rainforest peoples, and monkeys (who live in tribes) EXHIBIT THIS SAME BEHAVIOR. They go out at regular intervals and kill some neighbors. Why? Well maybe it's a natural instinct and cycle, yadda /destruction clears the way for construction, sure. BUT WE HAVE BRAINS DON'T WE? Well I'm saying, we do, but they're too small. So if you chose me as your permanent unquestionable dictator, we'll get started on the eugenics right away (and the hanging of giant pictures of my face on all the buildings :D ) OH gotta do the personality cult!) But I intend to be very selfless about this whole thing, and only collect what pay I should (a trillion a year oughta' do it). Oh and I will want Donald Trump's balls hung from the rear view mirror of one of my limos (He can live, we'll just make him a eunuch and laugh as he gets softer and more docile. Ooh! A reality show could be made!! See it could be fun! So vote for Mr Pants for dictator.
    • beaker95
      Not only will I vote for you, I will drive your limo and massage your aching shoulders with baby lotion every night. By the way, you should write novels....I love your creative juices.....
  • I think more ppl would take matters into their own hands. Even many ppl who are against the death penalty would kill or castrate a child molester before allowing them to go free. I'm thankful for prisons, though the judicial system is flawed.
    • beaker95
      I spilled a Boxer's beer once, and I was floored.
    • Linda Joy
      I was picked up thrown in the floor and kicked in my face once. Oddly enough I don't even remember why now.
  • 4-20-2017 Cash me ousside, how bou dah?

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