• Got one on my desk at work. I love the look of it. My daughter just got herself one too.
    • Ice man
      There's even a couple of magic 8 ball websites. Thanks : )
  • Concentrate and ask again.
    • Ice man
      Is there an echo in here ?
    • beaker95
      In here, in her, in he, in h..........
  • People say it's a toy, but mine is magic. I make all my life decisions by the truths it tells me.
    • Ice man
      lol, okay. Thanks : )
  • Nope, Can't say that I do.
    • Ice man
      Not in secret ... or not at all ? : )
  • Reply hazy, try again.....
    • Ice man
      You might have to hit the ask button a couple of times for it to work.
    • beaker95
      Me and violence are not as one....
  • OH! I've always wanted one of those! If only people could know what ridiculous cheap items I'd actually be thrilled to get, instead of socks as a gift!
    • Ice man
      Ask and ye shall receive. You might have to hit the ask button a couple of times if it says "ask again later". Enjoy. -
  • Nope, haven't had one since I was a kid.
    • Ice man
      Hours of fun (just kidding) seeking yes and no answers. I've got something better. It's called "20 Q". You think of something (animal, vegetable, mineral or other) and it will ask you 20 yes or no questions. Then it will guess what you were thinking, and very often it's right.
    • Temperance Brennan
      My best friend and I used to play a game like that but with TV or film characters.
  • No, I like to make my own decisions.
    • beaker95
      By rolling dice? Flipping a coin? Seeing which way the wind is blowing? Do tell.
    • Linda Joy
      I tend to over think things. Just plain old boring analysis.

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