• Nothing. I hate songs that are one verse only repeated over and over and over. They're usually big hits anyhow / somehow.
  • They forgot the words! haha. Maybe they think its sexy sounds.
  • Oh, is that the new hit from Rhiannah? The music business is a business, really. Consumer art is almost always simpler than the artsy fartsy stuff, so consumer music is simpler than the rest of music, typically. I - V - vi - IV - "the four chords that made a million" - every modern pop song (including country now) is just a variation of the same four chord progression with lyrics written like a fill-in the blank or "mad libs." Consumer-grade music stopped being interesting about 20 years ago. Check out this list curated on wikipedia of songs that are the same damned four chords, and note what portion of them are from the 2000's:

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