• There is something known as a work function. If we assume that an atom has a positive central core containing protons and neutrons and electrons revolve around it, and then if we supply it heat, it simply means that we are giving it kinetic energy. Now, work function is defined as the amount of work done (energy needed) to through the outermost electron out of its orbit, freeing it from the centripetal forces of the positively charged centre. So, simply put, if the supplied heat (energy) is greater than the work function, the outermost electron may leave. This theory is the basis of something called photoelectric effect
  • It gets warmer, duh....
  • It starts dancing
    • Linda Joy
  • Atom gets all hot, and then Eve has to watch out! *blink* (I probably should tell you...I flunked atoms class.)(well it said it was Atoms!! Who am I to take it, if it belongs to him??!! *shrug of incredulous disbelief* .....By the way...just who the hell is Atom anyway? Any relation to Atom Ant?? ...Atta boy?? *quits not too soon and wanders away cursing at Atom as he goes* *shakes it off and zips up* (That was one too many, wasn't it? Oh.. :{
  • He begins quivering under my touch!
    • Anoname
      LOL- HA,HA -TEE, HEE - LOL!.......I didn't think you'd have that type of sense of humor. LOL.
    • Linda Joy
      Its the peer pressure I mentioned previously! I told you to protect me, not let them change me, but you just tried to lure me into your oven! No, the truth is in that awesome line from the wizard of oz that says "You always had it in you! "
    • Linda Joy
      It's like I said I try to be good, but its not easy after a lifetime of being so good at being bad!
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      It's not bad. Just Naughty - in the nice way.
    • Linda Joy
      Rationalizations! Why didn't I think of that? !

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