• I was thinking the same thing. I think it sucks. Hi AnonymousGirl. Nice to see ya. ;)
    • AnonymousGirl
      Nice to see you also!
  • I think they do that because its some people might not want to answer a question thats a few days old, they want more live ones. But when you dont know, it makes it more likely you will i guess and thr site needs people to answer
    • AnonymousGirl
      I think it actually makes people more likely to leave.
  • Lot spammers on here come and go
  • Good question. I think all questions on the website should be sorted out by time and date with the newer questions on top of the list. The Answerbag team need to improve the organising of questions. Real time would be great. I hope the Answerbag team see my answer and take action on organising questions on the website.
  • 2017 my where in the fuck has this been? We sure have a bunch of GOOMBAS running this site! April 24 2022
  • 4/25/2022, I add a timeframe on my posts when I feel it is needed.
  • They need time to censor what I say, so I don't offend the snowflakes.
  • I'm guessing the moderator needs to review them first.
  • And yet this site has outlasted MSN's Q&A and Yahoo Answers, and many more! Evidently being overrun with trolls is worse than no date time stamp. I don't think it makes a bit of difference if it was recently asked or ten years ago. If you use your head you can get a rough estimate by the q_view numbers. Besides that any time a question is reintroduced it has a new chance for new answers and even if the asker is gone people still come by years later and see it and might be able to use that information. We've resurrected many older questions and given them new life with new participants joining in. And how would you like it if no one answered your question just because it scrolled off the questions page too quickly and no one got to see it? I've seen several people who had that done to them. And no date time stamp hasn't discouraged me in the least from coming here for over five years now on a regular basis. Like I tell everyone if this isn't your cup of tea go find another site. Don't try to FIX what isn't broken. We don't want AB to go away because everyone who tried to improve it only made it worse. Not that date time stamps would be a bad thing, just that they're not necessary AT ALL. And sometimes, be it rarely, I've had answers to questions I posted within a minute of asking it. Sometimes it takes the program a while (probably depending on internet traffic at the time) to catch up. Especially on the questions asked numbers.

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