• I only want a bartender that can keep secrets! In a recent movie, the robot couldn't keep a secret.
    • Ice man
      I just watched and enjoyed said movie. I got a kick out of the bartender and thought it was a great idea, but you're right - he gave away the secret.
  • 3-2-2017 They are also developing robot hookers. Think about that for a while.
    • Ice man
      Hahaha to the mail order bride photo. I'm not so sure I'd want to "test drive" a robot hooker though. ; )
    • Jewels Vern "sex doll factory"
  • That is a very bad idea. My niece (Kenz the Frenz) is a bartender and I wouldn't want to see her replaced by a robot. Neither would anybody else who knows her.
    • Ice man
      You need to see the movie "Passengers" to appreciate the question.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I haven't seen that movie, Ice man. I will keep my eyes open for a cheap DVD of it.
  • Will it be able to cap people off at a certain number of drinksz? Sounds like a bad idea
    • Ice man
      What makes you think a robot could recognize you from the guy standing next to you ?

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