• 3-5-2017 Yes I have, mainly because my father was a miner. He didn't know enough to do well, and by the time I had learned a few things the government had grabbed the land and it is now illegal to even go there. Even where mining is allowed it is an intensely political business. This is on private property in the same neighborhood:
    • Ice man
      Sorry to hear you got pushed out. I still have an inch long nugget from my own efforts. I'm not sure what it's value would be today but I don't care either. I'll just keep it as a reminder of something I did in the past. Thanks
  • No I have seen on those TV shows the way they destroy the environment and I would not want to be a part of that so I will stick to being a salaried office worker.
    • Ice man
      Actually there are strict regulations in place for environmental protection, and I can assure you that mining operations are closely watched to make sure they follow the regulations. The slightest infraction and they get shut down immediately. Something else you probably are not aware of - is that once the mining operation is completed, they have to restore the mined area back to it's original state. The area has to look like nothing ever happened there, and again that too is also closely monitored.

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