• yes, yrs ago i saw a 10 yr old girl get hit by a car, i was too far away to even warn her or anything, i felt so bad, she was screaming and everything, i went into a store to tell them about it but the person that hit her took her to the hospital, someone told me she broke her pelvic, i wish id never seen that.
    • Linda Joy
      I can understand that!
  • My dead baby.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm so sorry! Was it stillborn? My daughter-in-love Chantil lost her second at 5 mos. She knew for a month it wasn't going to make it. So sad. How long ago was this? Don't bother answering if it's upsetting to talk about it.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Talking about upsetting events in my life helps to ease my pain--- I couldn't talk about it at the time because it was just too raw. It was over 21 years ago now, and my first baby. I was seven months pregnant, not feeling right, and sent for a scan at the hospital. The sonographer looked sheepish, left the room and came back in with the consultant. She just told me there was no heartbeat and my baby had died. I don't think I will ever feel such abject shock and grief like that in my life again. I had to take a tablet, go home and return to hospital two days later to give "birth" to my dead child. He was a baby boy and I named him James. Three months later, my husband and I were pregnant again, and after nine months of fear, hope and prayer, our second beautiful baby boy was born and he was perfect in every way. I was never told why James died and I guess he was just not meant to be. Life is just so special, mysterious and amazing, and I always give my two healthy grown-up sons an extra hug and an extra kiss every time, just in memory of who is missing from our lives.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you ever really lost a baby, Janey Beaker?
  • Abused animals. The image stays with me for months, sometimes years. I'm still not over seeing the movie Bambi, seriously.Tears me up completely. It is like it is happening to me, I "have to do something," immediately and it doesn't matter who is there or what is going on around me. All I see is the animal and I will rescue it or do something to make sure it happens. !!!!"Fair Warning"!!!!
  • After reading the other answers, they have seen far worse than I.
    • Linda Joy
      I've seen me naked! YIKES!
    • Azlotto
      Ha...I have to sneak up on mirrors.
    • Linda Joy
  • A bad wreck between Pflugerville and Round Rock, Tx. When we rolled up on it the cops already had the deceased's heads covered with towels. There wasn't much left to cover.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh that reminds me of when I passed a bad motorcycle wreck on the interstate! You could smell burned flesh and hair! But I've also seen a person's brains in their own floor. One in the kitchen and the other in the livingroom. Both before I was 20! One was a murder the other a suicide.
  • Yes. My youngest son laying on a gurney in intensive care after a truck ran him over
    • Linda Joy
      He's o.k. though, right? I know the feeling. I was called from work and saw my little son with tubes and wires coming off him when the babysitter let him get into the medicine cabinet. They rushed him from Shelby to Children's hospital. He's o.k. now though.
    • Stpauligerle
      No he's not like he used to be. I wish I could show you a picture of his head. It was a size of a mylar balloon. There is some brain damage but he's okay he's functioning he has a job lives with his sister abides by society's rules he's just different and we're not going to tell him he's different he doesn't know he used to be a different way so why should we say anything thank you for asking by the way

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