• I always try to stay ahead of things I replace it every 5 years. Don't want any no start conditions. Wal Mart has a good test system they can tell you how much life is left in battery and it is free. I haven't had very good luck with Sears Die Hard they shorted out internally happened twice no more. Last year I bought a battery from Wal Mart. There is not very many battery manufactures around any more. I forget who makes wal Marts. Feb.02
    • Ice man
      My old one worked good for 5 years and gave me trouble last night. Like you, I don't need no start problems so I replaced it today. I got the best deal in town from a shop that sells nothing but batteries (all sorts and kind), for a stronger battery- they were $50. cheaper than the big box stores. They have a "no if's -and's - or but's" policy. Said if it gave me any trouble in the next 3 years, to just bring it back and they'd replace without question.
    • RareCatch
      Great Feb. 02
  • Three or four years...the technology is improving all the time...ever since lithium... compare your mobile phone to a car battery... The ultimate storage battery has yet to be invented...
    • Ice man
      Very true. Thanks

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