• I live about four miles from work, so I drive less than 5,000 miles a year...How many miles/kilometers do you drive?
    • Ice man
      In the last 5 years , between my personal and work vehicles I've averaged around 110,000. - 120,000. miles per year. I don't work year round anymore so I don't work as much as I use to, but I use to average over 160,000., and my total is some where around six and a half million miles all together..
  • I drive between 30,000 to 40,000 miles per year as a school bus driver.
    • Ice man
      It adds up quicker than people would expect. Thanks.
    • dickw60
      Yep, sure does!
  • Probably about 5 to 6,000 between my wife and I---I'm retired and she works from home. The kids and grandchildren live close, and the store is a mile away. And a favor: I just joined about a week ago. You asked why people answer "old" questions. How do I tell when a question was posted? And how do I know if someone has posted a comment on one of my answers? Thanks and regards.....
    • Ice man
      Thanks for your answer and welcome to AB. To tell if a question is current or old you have to look at the "view/number" found in your browser address bar above the question. Take note of the view number of this question -"view/3496405" and compare it to whatever other question. you choose. The closer the number - the more current it is ( within around 6,000.) The smaller the number - the farther back in time it was asked. When you see a view/number that has only 3 or 4 low digits - you are looking at some of the first Q's ever asked on the original AB. To tell if someone has answered your question you should get an email notice (provided you have the feature set to "ON" at the bottom of your question. To see if someone has left a comment - we have to keep going back to look for ourselves. Hopefully in time, they will add a notification feature to let us know. I hope this helps and if you have further questions I'd be happy to try and help.
    • Tom Jackson
      Thank you very much, Ice Man----that helps a lot. Regards...

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