• You can say "sorry about being short with you yesterday. I was tired" and chill out. You're very nervous. He's a guy and there are billions out there. If you act really nervous, he might get nervous. Just be yourself. Talk to him like you would talk to your friends. Just be you.
    • Auntieb345
      That's a good idea but I messaged him again yesterday and said hey how was your day and he saw it but didn't answer so I think I messed it up. I want to message him again and then I just want to leave him alone because he saw the message and didn't ever answer. That was last night when I messaged him. What should I do?
  • Here's the funny thing - he is probably as nervous as you are. Trust me, he will appreciate it if you reach out to him. Right now, he is probably wondering what happened and if you contact him it will be as big a relief to him as it will be to you - or not. Frankly, I am dubious about relationships started on Facebook. You can't really know someone, let alone get to know someone, electronically. Facebook and the like create the illusion of intimacy without creating the fact of it. So go into this with a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" approach. Exchange some pleasantries, talk about things you like to do in common and such. If it turns out there is something there, than hint that you would like to do that thing - seeing a movie or whatever. It does not have to be subtle - in fact it probably should NOT be. Say, to him, "Hey, it would be great if we could go to a movie sometime.") If he asks, you are on your way. (I am just old fashioned enough to believe that the gentleman should do the first asking. Later, as you become better friends, then at that point you SHOULD - from time to time - do the asking.) Most of all, quit overthinking this. It sounds cliche, but be yourself and be honest. Say, "Hey, I really enjoyed talking (or texting or whatever they call it) the other day. Sorry I had to be brief. How are things?" Don't explain why you were brief, just apologize for it and move on.
    • Auntieb345
      I messaged him again last night but no answer. I said hey how was your day. I saw that he saw it but no answer. I'm pretty sure he won't answer. I want to message him again but then I don't want to be the girl messaging over and over when the guy doesn't want me to.
    • dorat
      You know what - a gentleman would have responded out of courtesy if nothing else. He didn't, so I know this will be hard, but forget it. (Of course, it may be that he was simply unable to respond at the time he saw your message.) Do not send another word. If he replies, respond instantly. Otherwise, and I grant that I may be a bit old fashioned, but at the most basic level it is courtesy to reply to another human being, regardless of whether or not you have other - presumably more romantic - intentions. He failed to show that basic standard of etiquette - you can do better. (As an aside, though, you did make one mistake. You write that you said, "...hey how was your day." That was wrong. The proper thing would have been to have said, as I wrote, "Hey, I really enjoyed talking the other day. Sorry I had to be brief. How are things?" Really, as I read your original description, you owed him an apology, too. No matter. There are other boys out there. I don't know how old you are, but you sound like a lovely, if somewhat nervous, girl. Trust me - believe me - the right boy will come along. (Besides, as I say, he may respond after all. If he does, be sure to include in your message something like, "Really sorry that I was so brief in my last two messages..." or some such.) Best of luck.

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