• That's always puzzled me as well. It's not only on Answerbag, I've seen it on other sites as well.
  • Do you get paid to correct grammar online or is it just a hobby? Or possibly an obsession? How many languages do you speak? What about y'all? Or you all? Or what about all of you? What about yous guys? Do the two plurals in yous guys cancel each other out like a double negative? Wait, are you trying to teach us or criticize us? Some of us wuz poor and had to go to publik skool. And mom only finished 8th grade.
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      It's not a hobby and I don't get paid for it. It's called BEING NORMAL. If you can't answer my questions in a NORMAL way then go and troll someone else.
    • Linda Joy
      Make me.
  • I don't suppose I know to what you are referring. As opposed to a demonstrative pronoun or a reflexive pronoun or what? Or should I say "I don't know to yourself you are referring. As opposed to an interrogative or an intensive pronoun or you?"
  • I've no idea, but it's not just on Answerbag. I've seen it on other sites.
  • A person pronoun does describe a person, although nothing on Answerbag is personal, unless you make it personal.

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