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  • First of all, my room does not have a lock on it, but I am allowed to shut my door. However, my parents, although not very nosy, always open the door and don't bother knocking. I do have a bathroom, and it DOES have a lock on it, but my parents get super mad if I lock the door to the bathroom. I also have no siblings, so I just live with my parents. anyway, I normally get the urge to do it in the morning, maybe in the afternoon, and I always have to masturbate every night so that when I climax it tires me out and helps me sleep. (It sucks when my friends are over and I get a boner (not from them!) and I get the huge need to masturbate, but I always hold it in.) Anyway, where should I masturbate...? Like, I have my room, my closet (again in my room), and my bathroom (shower?). I'm just so afraid that when I am in the middle of a session my mother or father are gonna walk in on me and catch me masturbating...
  • Here is what I would say - and it may not sound very helpful - go where you are most comfortable. One thing I did in the summer, we lived near a forested area. I would go into the forest. Take off my clothes, and lay down and stroke. I was only 15, but it felt amazing. Out in nature, the sun on my naked body. (Grant that I would get up with a bunch of dead leaves and stuff clinging to my ass and back - and if I rolled over I would get it in my pubic hair. So it was a bit of a mess but, hey, I was 15. I was even caught one time by some girl who was walking her dog. Her eyes got big and she turned away and I ran home after she was out of sight. I relate this because, although it is a little embarrassing, getting caught is no big deal Your parents understand their son and they know about things like masturbation. Trust me, they will probably be as embarrassed as you are and that will be the end of it. Oh, and I had siblings and my sister (18 at the time) came home one time when I wasn't expected her and there I was - age 17 - naked and masturbating with cum all over myself. She yelped and I jumped up - which only revealed more of me than she already had seen and we couldn't look at each other for a week. Now, years later, we laugh about "the incident." Bottom line, there are very few places where a boy your age can go for privacy. So make the best of it and don't worry about getting caught. Believe me, your parents went through this before you did. (Oh, and if they are a bit old fashioned and do freak out, just listen to the lecture, take any good advice they give you, and then forget it.)
    • dorat
      P.S. Unrelated question. I answered your question about being into boys as well as girls. I tend to doubt that you are, but only you can know for sure. I was wondering what your response was and how things are going for you in that regard. Let me know if you want to, but please don't feel any need to reply if it is too personal. I would certainly understand.
    • WorldOpenSkies2222
      Again, thank you for your advice. :) I'm doing it right now, so I may poof for a while (maybe), but I will definitely take your advice very seriously. :)

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