• I look at the coupons, but they never offer any actual savings on anything I actually buy. Remember, coupons exist because people who use coupons spend more money once they get to the store. If you want to save money on groceries, only buy what's on sale and buy enough that you don't need to make another trip for a while. For example, butter went down to a buck a pound in 2008 so I bought a hundred pounds and froze it. A few days ago I read in the news that consumption of butter in the USA has hit a new high, 5.9 pounds per person per year. At that rate, I bought enough butter to last until 2025.
  • Coupon codes are good if they work (like you said). I find it's worth the 2 minutes of Googling to see if there are any good ones available.
  • I can suggest you I got many times coupons from here and one thing important they work :D
  • im not

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