• Not exactly like yours.... :)p
  • I wish~! I'm too tall for it to be practical
  • If it would get me laid, yes.
  • no, but yours are admirable.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Thank you, TBO. :)
  • No, but I love women who wear them. :)
  • I prefer my platform sandals. Easier to get on and off.
    • Murgatroyd
      You mean like the ones Pamela Anderson wore in Barb Wire? Those were awesome beyond belief. :)
  • No, but they are cool.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Why not ask for a pair for Christmas, Emma?
  • No. I still don't wear them; I'm mostly a flip flop gal. The beach is not platform boot friendly. :) 12/12
    • Murgatroyd
      I like women in flip-flops as well, Thriftymaid. I love the sound they make when women walk in them. :)
    • Bootsiebaby
      I know all about the beach not being platform boot-friendly, Thriftymaid. I've been to Blackpool a few times and I have to take a pair of flip-flops with me to change into for the beach. Lol:)
    • Crazychick
      I like my flip-flops, Thriftymaid. I got loads of pairs. :)
    • Scotslass
      I like flipflops by the pool and spa. In this climate, boots are best.
  • With the fashion of the 70
    • Bootsiebaby
      I was born in the 1970s, Neha. My boots made a comeback in the 1990s and I had my first pair for my 16th birthday (November 15th, 1993). They have made yet another comeback in the last couple of years. However, I have always worn them myself since I was 16, whether they are currently fashionable or not. You see, I wear them because I like them, not because everybody else likes them for a while.
  • I would if I could walk in them, but unfortunately I can't.
  • No,but I love to see a woman wearing boots like that.... Especially if she will let me kiss them!!
    • Bootsiebaby
      I might do, if you show me enough respect and do as I say. :)
  • Yes they are very cute. I also like stiletto heel boots. Hubby loves it when that's all I wear!
  • I have a pair of plum suede platform boots, and love them.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I don't blame you, Scotslass. :)
  • Not since 1977 when they were very popular for young men as well. One nickname was frankenstein boots.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I was born in 1977. I had my first pair of platform boots for my 16th birthday (November 15, 1993) and I have had more than 20 pairs since then.
  • I prefer down to earth women ready for a nature hike.
  • Yes all the time. Except I always wear pink. I refuse to wear anything that's not pink. I do wear bright pink boots that go all the way u to my pussy I guess you could call them pussy high boots with even higher heels than those in your picture.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I do have one pair of pink platform boots. I haven't worn them for quite a while now.
  • Sometimes.
  • I love cute boots! But I find it difficult to find any that fit me because I have an unusually small foot compared to my calf.

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