• Likely not if everything you have told us is true. If you were victimized do not blame yourself but good to think about what you could have done to avoid it - for your own sense of well-being and power so you can get over feeling just a victim. If it was one of those things where you just went along because you didn't know what else to do it is still not your fault. But is good to feel that you could have had some choice in the matter even if you did not have any. Does this make sense? I was raped some times when I was young and this helped me.
    • worried.
      everything i told you is true 1000% i over and over again said no i backed away i said no i do not want to have sex but he continued i felt uncomfortable but i did not know what to do he began to take off my pants to which i went on saying no and holding up my pants .... he then said shhhhhh and assured me nothing more would happen to which i still was uncomfortable about but i just stood there... when it happened i was just the whole time thinking.. oh my god... i was angry.. but overwhelmed with worry and confusion more than anything.. after i started crying because i have been talking to someone that I'm happy with and i don't want to have this interfere... the next day i just remember waking up feeling half dead and cried out.. i called my friend and we went to get plan b..... the sex did stop after 1 minute.. there was no ejaculation.. however it was my ovulation week... i understand the chances of pre fluid making you pregnant is low.. but i still took plan b... I'm still panicking.. what if in that 7 hours before i got the pill sperm attached to an egg and now I'm pregnant... I'm worried sick.. the whole situation is horrible.. i have bought two pregnancy tests... i plan to take them to ease my concern slightly... my mom and friends have said its like less than a 1% chance.... but I'm just super upset because it wasn't even to my consent and now i feel i am forced to be going through all this worry and drama and carry around this stupid situation... to something i didn't even want.. i went that night only wanting to talk. that was it... i planned to tell this person i did not have feelings for them and that be that.. i have clearly learned my lesson on that one....
    • officegirl
      Now you know he did not respect you, did not respect your wishes. With guys its weird like sometimes they feel as long as they do it if only for a minute its some kind of accomplishment or something. If you were used to having sex with him maybe he just expected you still would. But either way it was a violation and he did not respect you so you should have nothing more to do with him. Not as simple as what some people say OK kick him in the balls or have him arrested - because its so personal and you just want it over with and get out of there.
  • he assaulted you and should be arrested.

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