• People are indoors more in winter and transmit diseases more quickly. Not only coughing and talking but touching things indoors more etc. Its also why children in day cares get more upper respiratory infections than those that don't.
  • Because humans can freeze to death and starve in Winter but not in Summer.😊
  • People get sick all year round, but viruses thrive in cold dry conditions, the cold weather makes our mucus passages less affective and getting rid of infection, and we are all forced indoors and around each other, more than in the summer.
  • In winter, low temperatures force more people to stay indoors. It is easier to exchange germs via respiratory droplets.
  • That’s a stupid question. Anyone can get sick at any time of the year. It could be something they ate and the food didn’t agree with them or a reaction to a food allergy or a side effect of medication. That can happen at any time regardless of the season.
    • Linda Joy
      You ask stupid questions all the time and we don't tell you "That's a stupid question." You wouldn't like it if someone called your stupid questions stupid! Besides if stupid questions weren't allowed here we wouldn't have ANY lately!! Stupid or not don't discourage people who are trying to participate. I need to do better, too!
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      It’s a stupid question because anyone can get sick regardless of the time of year. You see my questions as stupid because they don’t suit your way of thinking. You probably think I am stupid because of my questions. Everyone has their own intelligence but there is such a thing as thinking about what to say before typing it on the screen. Although that is, people can learn from each other.

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