• The usual for me.
  • Brunch and opening presents at my mom's with parents, younger sister, and her husband. Older sister and family come over a bit later in the day...
  • Open presents!!~!~!~! and hopefully go back to sleep, which I know isn't happening.
  • I think I'm just going to sleep until it's Tequila time. ; )
  • Spend time with my 2 toddlers.
  • The plan is that I am entertaining my husband's mother, daughters and their husband and infant and boyfriend and friend, two employees w/ spouses, ex and her husband, and sister. Almost just like Thanksgiving. Good I guess that someone (me) is willing to do this every year.
  • 12-11-2016 I plan to stay in bed until I feel like getting up, same as every day.
  • I happened to be in Mumbai on the Christmas eve. As i was alone in the city, I went to this fabulous Christmas party at Trilogy nightclub. They had this amazing line up of DJs playing music that was mindblowing. trilogy is otherwise too a cool nightclub. Learn more about them here -

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