• Chinese signs cover a whole year, they're more generalised. I'm a Sagittarius Tiger and I've been with an Aries Rooster for two years. Aries and Sag go well together. Not sure about Tiger and Rooster. So yeah, I'd say it's because you're a Pisces Rat with a Scorpio Horse.
    • Nosmo King
      Tiger and Rooster is neither the best nor the worst combination. It could go either way.
  • Is this a question about Chinese food?
    • Ice man
      Rat & horse ... yeah it must be. lol
  • The Rat and Horse personalities are different in nature, so a relationship between them might be a bit shaky unless they have more harmonious western signs (as in your case). Pisces and Scorpio are compatible enough to overcome the negative aspects of the Rat/Horse combination.
  • Yes, it's because you are a Pisces Rat and she's a Scorpio Horse.
  • Maybe it's because they are traditionally considered incompatible. I'm a Snake myself and my partner is a Dog. Those two signs are said to be neither totally compatible nor totally incompatible, but we are getting married anyway, regardless of what the Chinese astrologers say.
  • Answer by G and not me: "It's very simple. The characteristics of the 'rat' clash immensely with the characteristics of the 'horse'. I'm very familiar with that particular joining.'

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