• What sort of answer are you looking for? LOL :-) They are mainly used for competitive swimming for both genders, for recreation can buy the fashion suits.
  • 5-21-2017 I certainly want boys and men to wear SOMETHING, but I don't care much what.
  • What other things ?
    • Ice man
      Have a look at the rest of this guy's Q&A's. This one is "peado"..
    • Lilo Avli
      I don't like him. He is weird, like me.
    • Ice man
      Really ?I'm being very serious. would you encourage and coach an adolescent girl to engage in sexual intercourse with her little brother and then come back and report all the details back to you? Seriously This Sammy piece of shit did.. He went on to tell her how great his sex was with his own children. Would you do that ? It's one thing to joke around between adults, but scumbags like Sammy here should have their balls cut off and shoved down his throat. How would you feel if this peado went after your daughters ?
  • There is no excuse for Speedos.
    • Lilo Avli
      How else would budgies get smuggled ?
    • Mircat
      There's no room for budgies.

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