• Well she wants her son to do well in life and for her that means staying in school and concentrating on work. She sees your love for him as a threat to his eventual success in life because she believes that as he gets more into you the more he will ignore school and work. She knows a girl in love can be a distraction. Also in the back of her mind she sees your becoming closer and closer so sex will result which will lead to children which will interrupt his plans for himself or her plans for him. No I don't what you asked is bad except for communicating "a lot". You seem to be wrapping your life around his so you are coming to depend too much on "a lot" of communication for your happiness. This is natural but remember you need to have part of your life that belongs to you and doesn't just depend upon him. Once you begin looking to him for absolutely everything you can lose yourself and then when he leaves you you will feel you are left with nothing. These are all things to consider.

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