• Happy Thanksgiving, Ice man...We've already had our Thanksgiving feast of a breakfast food brunch.
    • Ice man
      An excellent alternative to the usual turkey or ham. Thanks : )
    • Azlotto
      Most welcome...What's on your menu?
    • Ice man
      I had myself a couple of ham & Genoa salami & tomato & Swiss cheese with lettuce on fresh rye bread sandwiches. I'm saving the turkey feast for Christmas. : )
  • Well I did cook a turkey and stuffed with whole wheat bread and celery and sage,, miso-vegetable broth, brown rice, roasted carrots, parsnips, and potatoes with rosemary, brussels sprouts with shallots, made a buttercup squash pie, and put out a relish tray with pickles and radishes, etc., and we had a light cranberry wine. Am I forgetting anything? Fourteen for dinner.
    • Ice man
      You just made my mouth water ! It all sounds so delicious and a lot of work to prepare. I saw your question earlier (about only having 3 hrs. left) and I'm sure you pulled it off in time and that your guests were pleased. : )
    • officegirl
      Haha oh thank you. All family and a couple of friends. Incl my husband's ex and her husband! When we bought our home a few years ago we thought it would be nice to do Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for family so after that it was sort of just expected we would do them every year. Which I never did in my life before our marriage in 2011. Pie, soup, stuffing I make the night before with other preparations. Turkey I make (and eat) once a year - got to keep my girlish figure haha what is left of it! My oldest stepdaughter helps me even with an infant of her own now. Without her don't know what I'd do.
  • Well since I don't have a lot of people to cook for anymore I usually have my traditional Thanksgiving dinner I just spread it out over several weeks when I cook the turkey I take the breast and immediately portion it and put it in the freezer along with one leg and thigh I dine on the other leg and thigh over the next three days and pull the meat off the back for turkey salad or soup for later
    • Ice man
      Cooking for one can be a drag.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't mind so much the food last longer and clean up is easier. Besides now I don't even have to set a good example for the boys. I can have chips for supper if I want

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