• My screen don't have that in categories? This site sure needs a lot of improvements kind of sucks! So slow in making improvements. I would like to see where you can send private e mails to individuals also no date really sucks come on you big wheels get this social site working a little better! Nov.12
    • TBO
      It is getting tedious for me.
    • Ice man
      @ TBO - It's getting tedious for all of us and the wheels of progress are slow, but they are turning none the less. I will be patient and I see that as of tonight a little more progress has been made. @ RareCatch - Click on "Catogories", when it brings up the purple category list look above the purple boxes and find the "search categories" field and type in About Answerbag or whatever you want and it will expand to the category you're looking for. I agree with you there is much to be done here, but we have to give them time. I don't believe they have the resources that Demand Media had at their disposal So far I see them trying, slow as it may be, it is a hell of a lot more than we saw from the previous administration, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm as frustrated as you are and I too have a long list of features I'd like to see here. It would be nice to be able to follow a conversation without having to keep hunting down a question. Or it would be nice to have a friends list (you're the fist one I'm going to request, because I want your recipe for pumpkin crunch : )), and a link to get rid of spam or communicate with the admin to report problems would be great.
  • I don't think that category showed on the main question page on the old AB. Neither did "Relationship Advice" or "Outside The Bag". It was part of their conspiracy to keep certain members off the main pages by moving their questions to those categories.
    • Ice man
      It did once upon a time ( in a galaxy far, far away). I don't remember about "Relationship Advice" , but you're more than likely correct. And "Outside the Bag" (one of my favourites) was definitely a NO-No ! I had hoped that we could go forward without the little Head-Games. Thank you for answering. : )
  • I just asked a question under the category 'about answerbag',like your question my question too did the disappearing act;))
    • Ice man
      I learned the hard way to put "those" questions in another category (notice this one is under space travel). Otherwise they wont be seen, but now that you've piqued my curiosity ... I'm going to go have a peek at your's. : )
    • Veena.K
      Oh I see....;))
  • I don't know, I often used to wonder about that in my early days on AB.
    • Ice man
      I just answered a few of yours in that category.
  • They do now though right? I think I've seen them.
    • Ice man
      Sometimes they show up on the question pages and sometimes they don't. It seems to be random.
    • Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
      I just checked to see if my last question to the staff showed up it's on there I don't know why but they're not counting the questions I'm answering
    • Linda Joy
      Oh I'm sorry my question was to answer bag staff and you said about answerbag my bad
    • Ice man
      That's okay.

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